Diversity Spotlight is a community-based media website located just outside of our Nation's Capital. We were founded in 2006 by a member of the Armed Forces, whose intent was to use the site within the military community. Today, Diversity Spotlight reaches a much broader audience by using social media to help drive the conversation.


We take current events, past history, and leadership initiatives and use it as a way to promote diversity and inclusion. Our goal is to encourage important and difficult conversations about racism, civil rights, human rights, and social change. We receive faithful support from ordinary people here and around the world, and always look for new ways to share our message with others.​​

We invite you to join our cause and hope you will begin this journey by registering to vote. We believe in the democratic process and feel that voting is the first step in leading change. Connect with us on social media, share your story or let us feature your organization here on Diversity Spotlight. You can also join our Diversity Group on LinkedIn - a place for diversity practitioners, and professionals in the HR and EEO career fields.

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